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We offer a very comprehensive financial package that has been customized to meet the demands of Part 32 accounting.

General Ledger

The General Ledger package includes a full range of modules written for telecommunication companies and is Part 32 compliant - all the modules are interfaced to the main general ledger eliminating manual keying of data into the various journals. Records from the various systems flow to an interface file for the Accounting Department to review before posting entries to the general ledger.

Purchase Order/Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable system is a fully automated system, from the creation of purchase orders, directly to inventory or work orders, and on to the payment of vendor invoices. This system incorporates the use of subsidiary company information so that automated managing of inventory and payment of vendor invoices between companies is easy to complete.


Our fully integrated payroll module validates employee, general ledger, work order, and inventory information in a real-time environment. This system handles various accrual methods for vacation, sick, and/or miscellaneous hours. In addition, if accrual is based on length of service, the hours per employee can be increased automatically. Various labor spreads (from time studies) are available, as are payroll analysis reports for wages and hours worked.

Work Order

Like various other modules in the system, work orders have feeds from time and materials including the Purchase Order/Accounts Payable applications. Work order number project codes and numbering subsets allows the Accounting Department to create work orders within logical business areas by department codes. An online view allows the user to see the current status, estimated cost to actual, of any work order including charges for the current open accounting period.

Material & Supplies - Inventory

Materials and Supply/Inventory has multiple company/subsidiary capability where you can track inventory from purchase order to work order and expense reports. The Materials and Supply module will display item master and detail information by item, number, or location, real-time, as materials are received, used, or returned to inventory.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Asset module will automate those calculations based on your company rules. You select the spreads, depreciation method and what is to be counted as Capital and regular expenses. A variety of reports and inquiries are available that will show you the value of each asset for book, tax and insurance purposes. Not only will it track current assets, it will also process asset retirement for you as well. An optional feature to Fixed Assets is the Vehicle Maintenance module. This robust system tracks maintenance, mileage, fuel consumption, registration and inventory.

Patronage Capital Management (Capital Credits)

Capital credit history for allocations, refunds, and debt collection are maintained indefinitely but can be purged to off-line storage if needed. For refunds and estate settlement, capital credits can be discounted based on the user maintained percentage and prorated between regular, long-term, and permanent capital credits. As a part of any capital credit settlement, the module uses bad debts on file to recover outstanding debt.

Continuing Property Records (CPR)

The CPR Module will allow you to keep track of continuing property records by item number, general ledger account numbers, or stock numbers; change quantities or amounts and make other adjustments and retirements.

Replicon Web Timesheet

Electronic Time Sheets is an option that will save you vast amounts of time and keep your records accurate because it eliminates duplicate data entry. Remote modules are included for technicians so they may enter their time, materials, and vehicle use for each task they undertake as they work throughout the day assigning it to a Service Order or Work Order. Time Sheets records time to a specific GL account as well. Approved employee entries are automatically posted to the Payroll System, Time and Materials and Materials and Supply modules.