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We offer end-to-end solutions from bill presentation with print and mail services to online view and pay options.

Convergent Billing

Convergent Billing creates a unified view of the customer - and all services provided to that customer - for single-point customer care. LECs understand the value proposition behind a one-stop shop for multiple services, delivering voice, data, video, and Internet access.

Mediation and Rating

This module has an automated process working with online utility services that will determine your risk in doing business with prospects. The system will look at your company rules and based on the credit score automatically assign the deposit required to the service order.

Accounts Receivable

All the customer invoices mailed from Yadtel Billing - OSS's on-site production facility are printed using bar codes for automated scanning and payments posting when returned by the customer. Flexible balance affecting routines correlate to billing charge separation between the different types of services and for regulated, non-regulated, and toll per state public utility requirements.

Online Services/EBPP

This application allows the customer the ability to access their account information and billing invoices through a web interface. Customers can elect to have their bill printed and mailed, or receive email notification that their current invoice is available and viewable/payable online. Customer bills are archived in the .PDF format and accessible through the online system for six months.

Bad Debt

This module has a built-in capability that alerts the Customer Service Representative that the prospective customer, by name or social security number, or service physical location has an outstanding bad debt. There is also an optional interface that will report the write-off to credit reporting agencies.

Carrier Access Billing (CABS)/CMRS

CABS/CMRS -carrier access billing software can be used by local exchange companies to bill connecting companies (ILEC or CLEC) for plant facilities use for completing toll calls or use of special circuits/dedicated facilities. Invoices are calculated per carrier, per tariff, using single bill, multiple tariff methodology, also providing analysis for long distance billing of CMRS. We now support electronic bills to carrier with PDF attachments for timely delivery of bills and subsequent payments.

Bill Rendering

Service order activity, toll, usage based events, all feed into a Billing module that creates customer invoices printed on high-speed laser printers, duplex, bar coded, and sorted in postal carrier route order using CASS software. We also offer ways to promote services through ads on bills to customers for promotions, regulatory messages, or expressions of customer appreciation. We offer flexibility in the bill presentation providing a larger font size for customers who have vision impairment.