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Bill Rendering

Our service order activity, toll, usage based events, all feed into a Billing module that creates customer invoices printed on high-speed laser printers, duplex, bar coded, and sorted in postal carrier route order using CASS software. Our most advanced invoice creation process has the capability to print two columns per page with message and white space management that can be used to notify the customer of promotions, regulatory messages, or expressions of customer appreciation.

CABS/CMRS Fulfillment

We have dedicated personnel that can maintain your ILEC, CLEC, or wireless carrier information, industry rate changes and maintaining controls for audit trails, and monitoring traffic patterns per trending analysis. Invoices can be previewed before sending to your company for subsequent mailing or mailed directly from here with a copy printed at your company location or stored in our electronic archival system for online access. We now support electronic bills to carrier with PDF attachments for timely delivery of bills and subsequent payments.


We offer Metafile, as our solution for a paperless document management and workflow solution provider, and its flagship product, MetaViewer, is used by more than 15,000 financial professionals to process more than 15 million paperless transactions per week.

System Administration

We offer a managed service administration for our 2enclude™ product for telco's that might not be able to support comprehensive administration internally.